Photographing the nude

Years ago, quite a few by now, in the throws of youth, I started doing my first photography sessions with friends (male and female) who accepted to pose semi-naked in front of my camera. What I always looked for was to get the best out of each of them, I even managed to make some of them rediscover their sensuality and attractiveness much more strongly than they had even realised.

Obtaining beaty was my objective and curiously, it was not so difficult to perceive in people who were apparently normal looking.

I continued to photograph and I started thinking about doing it with models, men as well as women, until I started to little by little focus on the male nude, though not exclusively.

Awakening or discovering eroticism in a person who is incapable of perceiving it except in their most intimate moments is what permits the image to be transmitted to the spectator and that instead of contemplating a “body” sees an atmosphere which arouses their sensuality.

For the photograph to “move” the person who is looking at it, it is necessary for the model move beyond the static, to become an actor in a story which implicates those who are going to view it.

I consider photography almost like film, with only one fundamental difference which is that in a given moment, the image becomes fixed, and should become the sequence of something which the spectator will compliment with his or her own interpretation.

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If a client is interested in purchasing an exclusive piece by Daniel Rogua, one that has not been sold in the past nor will be sold as a reproduction, the price of the original piece must be multiplied by three.

Original pieces have a price of 1.800 euros and the exclusive original piece (without any reproductions sold) is 5.400 euros.

Most original pieces are 60×80 cm. The client may propose a change in size.

Original pieces, with or without sale of reproductions, come with a thin frame made with black wood and crystal, with a certification of authenticity and the signature of the artist. The client may modify the framing criteria by covering any additional costs should it suppose an increase in price.

Daniel Rogua’s work is sold exclusively through artelista.com (and not through any other platform).