Perfil de mujer

Perfil de Mujer shows a scene that captures a moment of sensuality and tenderness in a couple. With granular effects like a canvas painting, it is a beautiful and expressive picture.

This photographic work expresses a shared complicity between a man and a woman who look at each other. However, this particular glance could have different interpretations, so it depends on how you look at it.

The side-face focus and the nude bodies reflect a low profile intimacy. The man has a particular pose, touching the woman’s face with his hand, He intends to attract her attention and also the observer’s, because this gesture increases the shadows.

In this picture, the photographer takes a risk by intensifying the lighting and the warm colors on the right side of the picture, creating a poetic and expressive effect.

This amazing work is for romantic and creative people who like photographs that tell stories.

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Purchase info

If a client is interested in purchasing an exclusive piece by Daniel Rogua, one that has not been sold in the past nor will be sold as a reproduction, the price of the original piece must be multiplied by three.

Original pieces have a price of 1.800 euros and the exclusive original piece (without any reproductions sold) is 5.400 euros.

Most original pieces are 60×80 cm. The client may propose a change in size.

Original pieces, with or without sale of reproductions, come with a thin frame made with black wood and crystal, with a certification of authenticity and the signature of the artist. The client may modify the framing criteria by covering any additional costs should it suppose an increase in price.

Daniel Rogua’s work is sold exclusively through artelista.com (and not through any other platform).