America in the lounge

This photograph captures a mature and attractive young man in a relaxed but sensual position reclining on a couch fixing his eyes deep in his own thoughts.

America in the lounge uses a wide range of cold colors which provokes a sense of detachment and allowing the spectator to admire the calm and thoughtful character. In addition, the difference in levels of reflected illumination gradually brings us closer to the realism of this representation.

At the same time the position of the attractive man in this digital photograph feels like a provocation. The photographer Daniel Rogua manages to capture this image from an unusual angle which adds to this effect. The perspective from which the image is taken transmits greater importance, greater interest and a dominant position in relation to the spectator.

This is truly a magical piece of digital photography that enchants us with realism.

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Purchase info

If a client is interested in purchasing an exclusive piece by Daniel Rogua, one that has not been sold in the past nor will be sold as a reproduction, the price of the original piece must be multiplied by three.

Original pieces have a price of 1.800 euros and the exclusive original piece (without any reproductions sold) is 5.400 euros.

Most original pieces are 60×80 cm. The client may propose a change in size.

Original pieces, with or without sale of reproductions, come with a thin frame made with black wood and crystal, with a certification of authenticity and the signature of the artist. The client may modify the framing criteria by covering any additional costs should it suppose an increase in price.

Daniel Rogua’s work is sold exclusively through artelista.com (and not through any other platform).